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AREA1 is SA owned and operated, providing tree services all over Adelaide. Our team provides professional and quality work, without the price tag. You can be confident that our Tree Surgeons are insured, qualified and exceptionally proficient. Every project will be handled with expertise, professionalism and a high regard for your safety.

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Our Services

Professional Tree Service Adealide

It is our policy at AREA1 Tree Surgery that we conduct our activities with safety in mind and provide a safe work environment for our staff and the public who are affected by our workplace activities.
AREA1 Tree Surgery is fully insured. It is important to ask about insurance cover before contracting the services of any Tree Company to ensure you protect yourself and any damage to your property.

Key Information

1. Identify whether it is a regulated or significant tree (see the community information sheet for descriptions).

2. Identify whether the tree species is exempt (a listing is provided on the community information sheet).

3. Determine if the tree is dead. If this is the case no approval is required for its removal.

4. If you are uncertain about any of the above, you should contact your local council or seek your own independent advice.
1. Contact the local council within which the tree is located and enquire about submitting a development application.

2. Development applications can also be found at

3. Development applications do incur a fee and are updated on an annual basis. Your council will be able to tell you what the current listing of fees are.

4. The council will then assess your development application against the relevant provisions of its area Development Plan.

5. Following the assessment, the council will either approve, approve with conditions or refuse the proposed development relating to the tree.
1. If approval has been given to remove the tree, the council may place a condition in your application that states either replacement trees are planted or that money needs to be paid into the urban tree fund.

2. For replacement trees: two need to be replanted for regulated trees and three for significant trees.

3. If you would rather pay money into an urban tree fund, the cost is $75 per replacement tree not planted.

4. You do have a right to appeal either of these conditions to the Environment, Resources and Development Court.
1. You have the right to appeal to the Environment, Resources and Development Court against a decision made.

2. This appeal must be lodged with the court within two months of the application decision being made.
1. one of the 22 species of exotic trees (such as Box Elder, Silver Maple, London Plane, Weeping Willow) listed in regulation 6A of the Development Regulations 2008 (SA), or

2. located within 10 metres of an existing dwelling or in-ground swimming pool (except if the tree is either a Willow Myrtle or any Eucalyptus), or

3. within 20 metres of a dwelling in Medium or High Bushfire Protection Areas, or

4. Dead

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