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What is a Kensington Concrete Sleeper and how is it made?

A Kensington Concrete Sleeper is a type of precast concrete product that is used as a building material for retaining walls, garden beds, and other landscaping features.

They are made by pouring concrete into a mold and letting it cure until it is strong enough to be used.

Kensington Concrete Sleepers are known for their durability, strength, and long lifespan. Below is a list of the main features associated with the Kensington Concrete sleeper.

  • Kensington Concrete Sleepers are made in a controlled environment, which ensures that they are of consistent quality and strength.
  • They are reinforced with steel to provide additional strength and stability.
  • Kensington Concrete Sleepers are typically 2.4 meters long and weigh around 60-70kg each, making them a sturdy and reliable option for retaining walls and other landscaping features.
  • They can be easily cut to size with a saw, making them a flexible option for landscaping projects of various shapes and sizes.
  • They are designed to interlock with each other, creating a strong and secure connection between sleepers.
  • Kensington Concrete Sleepers are designed to be low maintenance and long-lasting, requiring minimal upkeep compared to other types of retaining wall materials.

The benefits of using concrete sleepers over traditional timber sleepers

Concrete sleepers have several advantages over traditional timber sleepers, including being more durable, long-lasting, and resistant to rot, termites, and weather damage.

They require less maintenance and are less likely to need replacing over time. They can also provide a more modern and stylish look to your landscaping project.

Concrete sleepers are extremely durable and strong, with the ability to withstand heavy loads and pressure from soil and water.

They are also resistant to rot, termites, and weather damage, making them a low-maintenance option for retaining walls and garden beds.

Kensington concrete sleeper installation Adelaide

Different styles and designs available for Kensington Concrete Sleepers

Kensington Concrete Sleepers are available in a range of styles and designs to suit different landscaping projects. Some common designs include wood-look sleepers, textured sleepers, and plain sleepers. They also come in different colors and finishes to match the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Comparison with other types of retaining wall materials like timber, brick, or stone

Compared to other types of retaining wall materials like timber, brick, or stone, concrete sleepers offer several advantages, including greater strength, durability, and resistance to weather and pests. They are also typically easier to install and require less maintenance over time.

Tips for maintaining and caring for your Kensington Concrete Sleeper retaining wall

To maintain your Kensington Concrete Sleeper retaining wall, it is important to regularly clean it and remove any debris or buildup. You can also apply a sealant or coating to protect the surface and prevent staining. It is also important to check for any signs of damage or wear over time and make any necessary repairs to ensure the long lifespan of your retaining wall.

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Stephanie Franklin
We used Area 1 for a fence and a retaining wall and I can’t recommend them enough. They were prompt with communication and the whole team were very friendly and helpful. The work they did was perfection. I will be recommending to anyone I know who needs some work done.
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John Yin
Great company to deal with! Matt always delivers. Great service and workmanship. The finish is outstanding with no mess around! Highly recommended crew!
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Di Marcus
I can't adequately express the amazing service that I have received from Matt, Stef & the team at Area1. It was nothing but exceptional from initial contact, to inspecting the job, dealing with my insurance company & final installation of our fence that had blown over in a storm. Communication was amazing and the job was completed efficiently & professionally by courteous, pleasant tradesmen who cleaned up after the job. So happy !. Highly recommend this business.
Shea Mus
Shea Mus
I was very happy with my experience with area1 fencing. Matt went above and beyond. And although he was fully booked out at the time, my fence and retaining wall needed to be completed with the sense of urgency. He shuffled things around to squeeze me in. He also came and worked on weekends and I can't fault the quality of work. Cheers guys
Dilshan Jayalath
Dilshan Jayalath
Matt was very prompt and professional and I am very happy with the work he did. Would definitely hire him again.
Lynne Trezise
Lynne Trezise
Thank you Area 1 Group. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a new fence. I'm really happy with the finished product. As I was going away and wanted my property secured before I left I was delighted that they were able to finish the job before I had to leave. They arrived on time to do the original quote and on the day the fence was being installed. They removed the old fence and erected the new one efficiently. Lynne Trezise
Terry Pike
Terry Pike
Matt and the team were fantastic. I had an old broken down wooden retaining wall at the front of my house. Matt was so easy to talk to and he understood what I wanted and gave me great suggestions regarding height, length and styles that would suit my house. Highly recommend Matt and the Area1 team. Thank so much. Now for the fun job of creating a new garden ready for spring :)
Thomas Spinelli
Thomas Spinelli
From start to finish Matt and the team made the whole process straight forward. Itemised quote so you know where your money is going, top quality work, competitive pricing and quick turn around.
Erica Brady
Erica Brady
Our project manager was communicative, thorough and friendly. We had some delays due to inclement weather but the finished result has exceeded our expectations. High quality with no hidden costs.
Christina Ellul
Christina Ellul
Steph was great on the phone. Awesome customer service. This was the first place that I called for repairs and didn't look further, after speaking with Steph. Shaun was amazing. On time, friendly, explained all. It was like I knew him for ages and didn't just meet. It was easy. Great customer service again. Recommend this company highly!!! ++++++++

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